Are you worried your anger will cost you relationships with loved ones?

The last thing you want is to lash out at those you love. Maybe you can’t seem to control your explosive moods. You might worry what people think. And you may hate the reputation you have developed as a result of your outbursts and verbal attacks. Your worst fear is it turning physical, or maybe it already has and you know it has to stop! Working with an experienced counselor who has a background treating anger and defiance can help you finally get a hold of your anger, gain insight into your triggers, and learn to self-soothe so your temper doesn’t reach the boiling point. Call today to get started!

Is your child or teen completely out of control, defiant, and acting out?

You might worry that your child’s out-of-control behaviors and moods are going to cost them healthy relationships, a good reputation in school, and future success in life. Maybe you’ve tried everything from discipline to talking, but nothing has worked. You might even be feeling like you’re at the end of your rope and exhausted with this situation.

There is hope.

Working with a professional anger management counselor can help your child learn the tools they need to communicate effectively. It can give you the skills to support and encourage their positive changes.