Trauma Counseling

Experiencing traumatic events can influence how you cope with stress, experience relationships, and even impact your physical health.

64% of people have experienced at least one harmful childhood event in their lives and of those people 84% have experienced at least 2 or more.

These events could include a wide array of situations like experiencing or witnessing abuse or neglect, being bullied, experiencing gender discrimination or racism. Other times it might involve a main caregiver who was battling addiction or mental illness, or a going through a divorce or separation.

Such events can leave lasting effects and cause us to form beliefs about ourselves, others, or the world around us. Our Certified Trauma Specialists guide and support you towards resolution so you can feel empowered to move forward.

64% of people have experienced at least one harmful childhood event in their lives.


Aches and Pains


Clenching Jaw

Guarded or without any guard

Headaches, Migraines

Tightness in Chest

Stomach Aches

Back Pain


Emotionally numb or intense emotions



Feeling Hopeless

Feeling Violated

Feeling Unsafe

Feeling Out of Control

Difficulty trusting others

Thoughts of being defective or unworthy

  Behavioral Symptoms


Distancing in relationships

Reactive, Abusing substances

Coping with food

Risky behaviors


Exaggerated reactions to certain sounds, smells, events, or people

Learn to move past traumatic life events and seek help today.

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