Counseling for Adults

Often the hardest thing one can do is designate time for self-care and improvement.

We work with professionals and students who are ready to make their wellness a priority by creating a protected time and space to explore what could be holding you back from letting go, gaining acceptance and control over your moods and behaviors, and improving your relationships with others and yourself.

1 in 5

Americans reported having an unmet mental health need

Some reasons why adults have chosen counseling:

Feeling down, depressed or hopeless

Having anxiety that is getting in the way of work, school or social life

Difficulty managing substance use

Wanting a healthy relationship

Coping with grief or loss

Managing the work/life or school/life balance

Coping with the lingering effects that a trauma has had on your life

Managing life after a divorce

Coping with the pressures of parenthood

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Adult Counseling