Counseling for Anxiety

Are your thoughts hijacking your ability to control your fears or worries?

Maybe you notice that you or your child have stomach aches, muscle pain, headaches, or feel keyed up and just can’t seem to relax or turn off your mind. Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that bring people into counseling.

People of all ages struggle with anxiety, but counseling can provide you or your child with the tools to mindfully manage the internal and external causes of anxiety so you can feel more in control of your emotions rather than them control you.

Only 36.9% of those suffering from anxiety receive treatment



Stomach Aches

Tense Muscles

Aches and Pains


Clenching jaw

Grinding teeth

Tight fists

Tightness in chest


Excessive worry

Exploding in anger

Emotional Breakdowns


Feeling “less than/incapable”

Self-defeating self-talk

Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling out of control

  Behavioral Symptoms

Being extra particular about how things are done

Appearing rigid and unable to transition easily

Restless sleep, Difficulty Focusing


Avoiding social interactions

Avoiding activities

Skin picking/hair pulling


Start your path to clearing your head of anxiety.

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