Relationship Counseling

Relationships may be one of the most important aspects of human life.

We are wired to connect with others. But our past, and the history of those we interact with, can all get in the way of having positive interactions and connections with others. The truth is, having fulfilling relationships takes work. Understanding your relationship needs, developing boundaries, and learning constructive communication are some of the skills our experienced counselors help our clients develop.

Whether you are seeking more positive interactions between you and your partner, or want more fulfilling friendships, we can help. Kids and teens also feel more self-aware and confident by building relationship skills with peers and family member which can benefit them for a lifetime. We help you decrease loneliness and conflict and start experiencing deeper and more positive connections.

67% of new parents experience a precipitous drop in couple satisfaction in the first 3 years of the baby’s life.


Muscle Tension



Disinterest in intimacy

Tension in Jaw

Stomach Aches

Heaviness in Chest


Lack of confidence

Feeling victimized

Unclear boundaries

Feeling unworthy

Feeling not good enough

Feeling anxious or depressed

Feeling lonely or unloved

  Behavioral Symptoms

Difficulty trusting others

Engaging in risky behaviors

Disinterest in intimacy


Unable to verbalize needs

Confrontational or high conflict

Disturbing Dreams

Using substances to cope

Begin the path to healing your relationships.

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