Do you worry that your child is having difficulty fitting in?

It’s hard to watch our children feel fear in social situations while other children seem to exude confidence effortlessly. Working with a counselor can help your child to know themselves and their feelings better, learn to think positively and confidently, and develop healthy relationships with their peers.


Do you feel helpless dealing with your child’s explosive and shifting mood?

Is it embarrassing to bring your child to social and public situations because you can’t predict or help them manage their emotions? Maybe your child is angry and acting out, sad and isolating themselves, or clingy and anxious in situations when other kids are confident. Counseling can help kids to find peace by learning to put their thoughts and feelings into words, displaying acceptable social behaviors, and channeling their extra energy into productive and creative outlets.


Are your children in the middle of a difficult situation and you worry about how they’re coping?

Divorce counseling for children can help them navigate the new changes in their lives in a comforting, supportive atmosphere. We even offer play therapy to help them communicate in their own language. Life has its ups and downs, and unfortunately there’s no exception for the delicate lives of little ones. If your child is dealing with adult problems and you are concerned about how they’re coping, we can help guide them through life’s sticky situations so that they feel more secure and confident.


You love your child and want the best for them.

If you worry that your child is carrying the weight of the world and you feel helpless to help them, we can help both of you. Our experienced counselors have training with many of the issues that children face and how to guide them in coping on their own terms. We offer talk therapy, play therapy, family therapy, and creative therapies to assist your child in communicating and exploring life. We can work with them and you to develop coping skills, boost confidence, develop boundaries, and strengthen communication skills so that they can share what they experience.


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