Are you losing hope that there’s someone out there for you?

Do you have a history of difficult relationships and wonder if you will ever find the right person or experience a happy relationship? Are you hoping to get relationship help so that you can finally find the person you have been looking for? Many women often wonder why their relationships don’t seem to work out. They wonder why they are overly invested with people that don’t seem to want the same things. It’s frustrating to want to be close to others in a healthy relationship and not understand why there always seems to be something getting in the way.

There is hope you can find a happy relationship.

You might have wondered if you wasted too much time already with the wrong people. You wonder why you keep attracting partners that don’t seem to want the same things or give you what you need. This can be frustrating for women who are open to something more, yet it repeatedly doesn’t work out. Maybe you wonder if you missed out on the right person and you should have settled by now. Or if your soul mate slipped through your fingers. Time has not run out! We can help you get closer to that dream of finding a supportive, loving, and nurturing partner. You can learn what makes a healthy relationship so you can start building one for yourself.

If you’re like many women I work with, you might find it helpful to learn some healthy relationship skills.

Relationship counseling  will help you to identify the barriers getting in your way of achieving the relationship you’re hoping for, whether that be a committed relationship or marriage, close friends you can trust, or a loving parent/child relationship. At Ann Arbor Counseling Associates, we specialize in relationship counseling for women. We can provide the insight, confidence, and skills you need to improve your relationships. Learn what makes up a healthy relationship, like boundaries, communication skills, and how to nurture your own identity.