Trauma Counseling Ann ArborHave you been finding it difficult to get on with your life after what happened to you or your child? Do memories return to your mind no matter how hard you try to forget? Or maybe you find it difficult to trust others and relationships have not been developing as you had hoped.

Many people have survived traumatic life events or Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s). These can range from childhood sexual or physical abuse, neglect, or problematic family situations. But these can also occur later in life in many forms of being in a abusive relationship, surviving a sexual assault, living as a refugee, being involved in a violent act or witnessing one, getting involved in a terrible car accident, or fearing for the loss of your life or liberties.  Our trauma informed therapists are trained to help clients cope with these emotional and physical symptoms of trauma and all of it’s forms. We can help.




Do you feel like it is hard to trust others, or your relationships aren’t as fulfilling you want them to be? Do you experience health issues like headaches, body pain, or stomach aches? Maybe you turn towards activities to make you forget or numb yourself with alcohol or drugs, self-harm, thrill seeking, or promiscuity.

Maybe your teen or child is withdrawn and you noticed they don’t enjoy being around their peers anymore. Maybe you or your child has survived childhood abuse and you want to help yourself or them move forwSymptoms of Trauma in Ann Arborard with the best future possible. Traumatic events can have a way with changing the course of lives. Not only can traumatic events change the way we act and live our lives after, but it also has been shown to change the way our brains function. And that change can be passed down generations. You might feel flat and unable to fully experience happy moments. Or, you might be triggered by unlikely causes and start to physically feel similar to how you did during that traumatic event. You don’t have to let traumatic events rob you of the life you could have had.



Things can get better.

Talk to a compassionate and understanding therapist who knows how to treat trauma. Resiliency is the key to overcoming traumatic events and by nature, we are resilient. Our trained therapists will draw on your existing strengths and provide you tools so you can feel confident moving forward in life. Manage emotions, triggers, and behaviors. Feel in control of your body and space again. If you want to move on or help your child move on so that you can live a healthy and fulfilling life unchained from the past, give us a call.


Our trauma certified therapists can help you or your child cope with traumatic experiences. Some of the experiences we help our clients work through include:

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Childhood Physical Abuse
  • Adult Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Violence
  • Refugees
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD
  • War/Deployment/Military
  • Health
  • Accidents
  • Community Violence
  • Survivors of Suicide
  • Political Trauma