Theresa Bolster MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor



I have years of experience working with kids, teens, and young adults overcome stress, anxiety, and behavioral issues. Typically parents reach out to me because they’re worried about their child. They explain that their child might be sneaking out, stealing alcohol or medication from home, falling behind in their grades, and being disrespectful.  Many times there are some underlying issues that are hard for the child or teen to talk about and trusting in someone like a counselor may help your child open up about the struggles they are experiencing that could be contributing to these frustrating behaviors. The kids and teens who come to see me learn the skills they need to manage stress and anxiety. They develop confidence and generally get along with their parents and peers in a more peaceful and cooperative way. I support the parents and include them in the therapy so they can participate in their child’s growth. Parents will also be better able to maintain those positive changes at home.


I also work with young adults who are experiencing a lot of worry, anxiety, low moods, substance abuse, or finding it hard to navigate relationships with others. Often, during high school and college new types of relationships are being built and it is normal to feel overwhelmed with the demands of social, romantic, and academic expectations. Sometimes this can lead to a lack of confidence, moral dilemmas, and insecurity. I help teens and young adults identify their own personal values and boundaries and how to apply them to relationships so they can feel safe, in control, and more confident in life. They are also better prepared to achieve healthier relationships with friends and partners.


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