Untitled-5-robinRobin Skora MA, LLPC

Limited Licensed Professional Counselor



I help adults cope with life the difficulties of life transitions whether that be from the loss of a loved one, starting a new adventure like going to college or going back to work, or relationships challenges. These events can be stressful, overwhelming, and really challenge our self-esteem. My clients often come to me feeling like they don’t belong, confused in their new roles, and frustrated that they aren’t coping or doing as well as the thought they would with this life change. They worry that they are not good enough or measuring up to expectations and find themselves having difficulty sleeping due to the stream of thoughts keeping them up at night. It’s hard to even get others to fully understand how these changes can both be exciting but also create a lot of pressure to do well. Life is full of ups and downs and we all face challenges and it is common to feel out of place in new situations. I offer a therapeutic and supportive atmosphere for my clients to explore what is going on in their lives and, feel heard and understood.


Through counseling I help my clients start moving forward. Feeling stuck in the same patterns or in a situation can create feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and loneliness. On one hand you might need to talk about what is happening and either people might not understand or you might sense they are sick of listening to you continue to struggle with this issue. On the other hand you want to move forward but, you feel stuck in the past or how this situation is just not working for you. I provide the respect, understanding, and supportive reflection that you need to understand what is going on internally and also help you move forward in life.


After working with me clients tend to feel more in control of the situation and feel more empowered to succeed in their new job, home, or school. Clients are able to connect with others, discover their strengths, and find hope in the future. For my clients who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, I am able to help them cope with those feelings find a sense of peace, and provide a supportive space to talk about all the complicated feelings that are associated with the loss of that person.


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