Ann Arbor Child Therapist

Nastassja Cuellar-Wilson, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker


I specialize in helping children, parents, families, and couples with their relationships and behaviors. As an experienced family social worker and infant mental health specialist I assist people of all ages work though challenging dynamics that are creating stress, frustration, and disruption in their daily lives. Parents often come to me stressed because their child is out of control. As a parent you might feel that the communication has broken down, nobody listens to one another and there might be too much yelling when all you want is to be able to enjoy your time together. You might be feeling exhausted, frustrated and hopeless. Trouble managing your children’s behavior can really make a parent feel defeated and could cause you to feel disconnected from your child. I can help. If you work with me you will gain the skills you need to feel empowered, prepared, and effective. You might notice that you start seeing that you and your child are now getting along, they are responding well to your efforts at setting limits and consequences while at the same time becoming more warm towards one another. As a parent you might start to feel that your relationship is getting stronger, you feel a closer connection to your child. Laughter and enjoying each others time will soon replace the yelling and frustration. Don’t wait another day, get the most out of your time as a parent by learning some simple skills to get back on track.


Other times parents or couples come to me who want to start feeling connected again. You might be feeling like you and your partner are no longer on the same page, you seem to be living parallel lives, not feeling supported, and the longer this divide continues the more alone you are feeling. All you want is to get back to where you were but your just not sure how. I help couples and parents get on the same page, identify barriers and strategies so that you can finally move forward with the skills you need to reconnect, succeed as parents and in your relationship, and find peace in your home again. Couples and parents who work with me feel heard, empowered, and hopeful. I mainly work in the evenings  to accommodate busy schedules. Call today to make an appointment.


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