Child and Autism Therapist Ann ArborKatie Wyss, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker



I work with children, families, and couples cope with the many challenges associated with growing up, parenting, and having successful relationships. I also have experience and training working with children and adults on the spectrum. If you have a child or teen who is coping with trauma, depression, anxiety, or has had a change in behavior that concerns you, I can help. As an experienced child and family therapist I work to provide a therapeutic and interactive space for your child and teen to explore their world, issues, and develop skills to help them reduce symptoms, improve emotional regulation, and develop positive relationships.

Some of the behaviors that parents find troubling might include their child suddenly not wanting to spend time with people they used to be friends with, disinterested in participating in activities they used to enjoy, angry outbursts or seemingly uncontrollable behavior, harming themselves in some way, or getting in trouble at school or with the law. This can be frustrating for a parent, and you may have tried everything you can think of but nothing has helped. Therapy can be just as much of a support and tool for parents as it is for kids. We will work together to identify goals, strengths, and barriers so you child can succeed.


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