Ann Arbor Marriage and Family TherapistJessica Foksa MA, LLPC, LLMFT

Limited Licensed Professional Counselor

Limited Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I’m a marriage and family therapist with experience counseling children, teens, young adults, and couples who want to improve their relationships or cope with anxiety. I have worked with kids and families to get them through the challenges that put stress on their relationships. No matter what age you are, stress may cause you to seek more alone time or hold back from friends, family, or at school. Couples may find themselves growing apart or not feeling supported. Maybe you stop reaching out for affection or sharing as much as you used to. I have taught people of all ages how do cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and improve communication skills to improve relationships.

Many young adults make it all the way to college only to find that their fears are keeping them from being social. Perhaps you had high hopes for life at school, but now you see it slipping away just to avoid the discomfort of it all. If you find yourself turning down invitations, avoiding social groups or events, or spending more time alone because of what others might think of you or what would happen if you lost control, call today and we can get started immediately. Many young adults just like yourself have experienced a transformation after undergoing counseling. Remember, life is too short to let these moments pass you by.

If you notice your child or teen withdrawing from others and expressing feelings of insecurity, they might be coping with anxiety. People of all ages suffer from anxiety and it can prevent them from feeling free to be their true selves. You know they are beautiful people, but it pains you to see them guarded for fear of what others might think, and to see others not embracing them. Your child can learn how to value themselves, identify the thoughts that could be contributing to their anxiety, and the tools to prevent anxiety from bubbling up so that they can enjoy school and time with their friends.


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