counseling for kidsJanine McDermott MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor



I have several years of experience as a counselor working with people of all ages including middle school kids, teens, college students, and adults. I treat depression, anxiety, behavioral, and interpersonal issues. Is it hard for you to connect to others or feel anxiety when you think about reaching out or making friends? Or maybe you have noticed that you seem to be alone all the time outside of your obligations like school or work but can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything fun. Have you noticed that you no longer are participating in activities you used to enjoy or turning down opportunities to hang out with others? Coping with depression and anxiety is hard and can be confusing to know what to do when you are doing it alone. It can feel like nothing is working but working with me will help you learn the tools to cope with your anxiety and depression and start to regain or build the life you want to have.


College students and professional adults usually reach out to see me because they are struggling with a low mood, feelings of worthlessness, or have worry they can’t seem to get under control. They describe feeling lonely and often wonder why they keep getting into the same unsatisfying patterns with others. Sometimes this is a result of ending a relationship, a traumatic past event, or there may be no identifiable reason why their mood has shifted to the negative. The adults that see me come in feeling like they have no self-worth, are consumed with thoughts of wasted time and regret, or fear that things are never going to get better for them.


Through counseling, clients can gain a greater sense of hope about the future, coping skills to manage the worry and low moods, and find healthy relationships. You can overcome communication barriers, negative relationship patterns, worry, and truly achieve the positive life you imagine for yourself.


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