Adult Therapist Depression AnxietyErica Johnson, LLMSW

Limited Licensed Master Social Worker

I specialize in helping adults cope with depression, anxiety, and substance use. My background as an HR professional and training in college campuses has given me a unique background to help clients address the stresses that come with workplace conflict and the difficulties that come with transitioning to college.  Clients who come to see me are usually struggling with low confidence or are coping with stress in unhealthy ways. You might even notice that your relationships, school, or work, might be suffering as a result of not knowing how to cope with the stressors in your life.
You are not alone. Many people have a hard time knowing what to do when life presents unexpected challenges. You might even wonder why others seem to cope so easily or life does not seem to bother them, but you have a hard time. I can help you develop strong, positive skills that you will have a life time.
If you are suffering from depression or anxiety it is not uncommon to have difficulty managing  negative thoughts; they might even be keeping you up at night. You might notice yourself wanting to be alone more or lacking motivation to do the things you used to enjoy. If you worry that your mood might be getting in the way of your relationships with your family, significant other, school, or work, I can help. Or, if the only way you have been coping with life is by using substances we can work together to build up a toolbox of healthy skills that will help you manage moods, improve relationships, and reach the goals you have academically or in your career.  Whether you are a teenager or adult, I can help you. I have availability on Saturdays and evenings.


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