Ann Arbor Child CounselingAmber Lewis MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Nationally Certified Counselor


My clients would describe my counseling as interactive and creative. I offer lots of different options to get your children engaged in the therapy experience. I work hard to make your child comfortable in my office. We have lots of toys and games that can help them learn valuable skills, help them connect and feel safe, and achieve the goals they are trying to reach. I am an experienced child and family therapist with experience working with kids of all ages, whole families, or just the parents. I offer parenting support and often coordinate with parents so that they can better ensure the skills their kids are learning in therapy will last at home and at school. Sometimes parents also come to see me just because parenting can be stressful and it can take a toll on a relationship. I can work with parents get back to the type of relationship they feel will be supportive, nurturing and also help them manage the stresses of family life.


If you have gone through a divorce, loss of a loved one, or have recently moved where you are worried about how your family is coping with the changes or loss, I can help. I have specialized training and experience working with families through grief and loss. If you or your child is working through a chronic or terminal illness, a friend or family member has died, or someone unexpectedly has left your child’s life, it can be tough and confusing on them. I believe children are extremely resilient and understand much more than we give them credit for. If you are unsure how to discuss these difficult topics with your child and need support, I can help. I can also meet with your child to help them gain understanding and closure by giving them opportunities to discuss the situation in their own way.  Call today to make an appointment.


Othertimes parents call me frustrated with their child’s behavior. It may seem like they don’t respect or listen to you and you have tried everythingbut nothing changes. I can help you decode their behavior, figure out what is at the bottom of their acting out, and come up with workable solutions to get the peace back at home. As a trained infant mental health specialist and counselor, I have experience working with children of all ages, and even mothers and babies together to help assist with the bonding process, learn coping skills and finding balance again after becoming a mom. Counseling can provide the solutions you are looking for!


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