Infant Mental Health Therapist Ann ArborAlyssa Okey LMSW, IMH-III

Licensed Masters Social Worker

Infant Mental Health Specialist Level 3


I specialize in working with new mothers, including teen mothers,  bond with their babies and manage the ups and downs of this transition.

Some call this type of counseling infant mental health but the true focus is on mother and child by helping you gain confidence and skills to parent in a positive way. Becoming a mom is hard and not what many expect. Lots of things can come up, anxiety, depression, or feelings of guilt and resentment. Sometimes it makes you realize how much you don’t know and it is normal to feel unprepared. You might be seeking support if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You might not know how to deal with a baby, parenthood, or the feelings this transition is bringing up for you. Maybe you realized you didn’t have good examples of parents growing up and you want to do better. I can help.


When mothers work with me they start to feel supported and relieved. You will start to feel like you aren’t alone in this. I will help bring out the best you when it comes to being a parent. We will work on how to understand your baby and yourself so you can parent in a way you are proud of. You can feel more relaxed and connected to your child. Working together will help you to create a lasting foundation that can benefit your family relationship for years to come and also help you find balance with parenthood and caring for yourself.


I also work with young children who are coping with depression and anxiety. If you are feeling like your child is out of control, and won’t listen, you are not alone and I can help. Or if you think your child is overly emotional, different, or are concerned about your child reacting differently to loud noises, crowded places, or has a sensory sensitivity I have experience working with kids with spectrum disorders.  Childhood anxieties, depression, and sensory issues can be frustrating and confusing. You might be feeling guilty or worried that your child is different. Or, you might feel like you are just at your whits end and are losing hope. Many parents have seen that counseling with me has helped them with these feelings and see results with their child.


Counseling can provide relief and help you create an environment to support your child towards positive changes. Many parents tell me that they start to enjoy spending time with their child again and have found hope that they can have the type of relationship they had only imagined. Many parents even describe feeling compassion and patience towards their child where previously they only would experience frustration. Call me today to set up an appointment, evenings and weekends available to fit your schedule.




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