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Parenting Support Ann ArborAre you feeling lost, drained, and overwhelmed by your toddlers behavior? Have you tried everything to get your kid to listen but their defiance has left you feeling hopeless?

Does your kid or teens disruptive behavior make it impossible to enjoy time together? You are not alone. Whether you are a new parent, are preparing for parenthood, or have a few years experience, parenting is tough. We offer parenting support counseling for all types of parents. Life can present obstacles that make parenthood even more difficult. You might feel like you don’t have enough support to succeed whether from a partner, extended family, or community. Your upbringing with your own parents may be one you don’t want to repeat but feel lost as to how to be the parent you hoped you would be.  You want the best for your child but how do you implement a loving, accepting, and patient house when you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and unprepared? Counseling for parents can help provide relief!

Parents who work with an experienced counselor often feel a sense of understanding and relief. You will feel supported and be given practical strategies to start using right away. Many start to understand their child’s behavior better and feel empowered to correct undesirable behaviors. Our counselors can help you facilitate the type of relationship you hope to have with your child and bring peace and fun again back to your home.



Is your family going through a transition like a new baby, divorce or seperation, or move?

Parenting support in our Ann Arbor offices can provide you with the tools you need to feel confident in navigating the new life situations you are experiencing. Is the stress of change wearing on you? Are you feeling unprepared and unsupported? Are you worried how your kids are going to take the news or handle the adjustments in their life? Counseling can help you and your partner get on same page, come up with a plan to move forward more smoothly, identify support systems, and develop coping tools to get through the stress. Our experienced counselors work with children, families, and parents through life and behavioral challenges. You can find the full range of support when you call us for an appointment.