If your interested in finding a supervisor who understands your desire to forge your own path please contact Melissa Satti to explore LLPC supervision. Supervisees must have the entrepreneurial spirit and feel like they don’t belong on the path most traveled by therapists. It can be hard to find an LLPC Supervisor who understands your interest in doing something different.

Melissa went from graduate school to private practice and through the years grew from a solo-practitioner to owning a group practice known in the community. Melissa also has experience with teaching creative counseling techniques, using electronic technologies as a therapeutic tool, and implementing a trauma informed approach to practice. Through the years she has sharpened skills in marketing, website development, branding, and business administration. Melissa can help guide you on your own journey towards independence. Call today to find out more!

If you’re interested in a consulting/supervision experience please contact the office to learn how to apply!