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Infant Mental Health Ann Arbor MichiganAre you a soon to be new mom or have recently added to your family through birth, adoption, or foster care? Are you feeling out of sorts, insecure about how to bond with your child and worry that you are not connecting?

Maybe you struggle with a difficult history with your own upbringing and are worried you won’t be a good mom. Or, has becoming a parent not been what you imagined and your sadness, grief, and frustration is getting in the way of wanting to spend time with your child? Our Infant Mental Health counseling program and Counseling for New Mom’s is aimed at helping nurture the bond between mother and child. There are so many things that could come up after having a baby. You might feel anxious about your ability to take care of your baby, or unprepared because maybe you don’t have the support you need right now. Whether you have had your first child, are a teenage mother, adopting, or a more experienced mom, it is normal to feel overwhelmed at the demands of balancing your own needs with those of your child and family.



You are not alone, parenting is difficult and we are here to help!

We invite new mom’s like you, and your baby, to speak to our Infant Mental Health Specialist. Unlike the name implies, the focus of Infant Mental Health is on improving the mental health of both the mother and baby by focusing on eliminating barriers that could be causing all of those difficult feelings and getting in the way of bonding time. You will be given practical tools to tackle difficult situations that come with motherhood. Address concerning child behaviors, learn  how to read your baby’s cues and identify your own needs so you can create a balanced life with far less anxiety. People who work with our trained professionals feel a sense of relief. They gain more insight, coping strategies, and support needed to feel successful during this challenging transition. Call today to get started.



What is Infant Mental Health?

Infant mental health focuses on the connection between the mothers mental health, family history, communication style, and parenting approach and how that can have an impact on her child’s emotional, behavioral, and physical health. Postpartum depression, maternal history of trauma, dysfunctional families of origin, life stressors, and relationship issues can all be transferred to how you bond with your child and form the way your relationship and your child develops. Our IMH specialists are trained at working with mother and baby together to strengthen that bond between the two. Our infant mental health services are currently only offered in our office settings. Mothers are welcome and encouraged to bring their baby in session with you so that bonding can be addressed in real time while also addressing the emotional and mental health needs of the mother along with behavioral or developmental concerns the mother has about their child.



Services included in our Infant Mental Health and Postpartum Program:

  • Counseling for postpartum depression
  • Counseling for depression and anxiety
  • Interpersonal focused counseling to cope with changes in relationships
  • Counseling for trauma, sexual trauma, and physical trauma
  • Supportive resources for parents
  • Insights and information into their child’s development



New Mothers Support Group – Babies Welcome!

Please check out the New Mothers Support Group offered at Ann Arbor Counseling Associates!



Our Infant Mental Health Specialists