Does it feel like you and your partner are not connecting anymore?

Relationship Counseling Ann Arbor


  • Is it hard to talk openly with your partner about the love you have for them?
  • Do you find yourself stuck in a routine that doesn’t include having fun with your partner?
  • Have you noticed yourself using phrases like “You never…” or “You always…”?

Keeping the spark alive can be difficult when life gets in the way; it can slip away so easily when we’re not paying attention. You realize that it’s somehow harder now to be open with your partner than before. You can’t see it, but the feeling is unmistakable – there is a wall between you that you’re ready to take down. Many people start to feel lonely in their relationships after a period of time of has gone by where connecting to one another has been difficult. Couples’ counseling is a way for you to revisit your relationship goals and needs in order to help you both hear each other again.


It’s common to have periods of loneliness, even in relationships.

Relationships tend to feel easy and carefree at first, but soon that honeymoon period wears off. Many people find themselves feeling disconnected from the people that matter most to them at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, many issues that couples have stem from communication breakdowns which commonly lead to divorce. Other common problems in a relationship might be weathering life’s ups and downs, a lack of intimacy, the loss of a child, losing a job or getting a new one, relocation, or infidelity. If you want to move past this, counseling can help.


An experienced couple’s counselor can help you reconnect!

If you and your partner are ready to improve your relationship, then we can help! Many couples who decide to turn to a counselor find that they are finally communicating again and learning how to do so in a healthy way. When communication starts flowing, couples find themselves naturally feeling closer with each other and thus those romantic feelings can re-emerge. Talking with a trained professional can help you to see your partner for the first time again, get clarity on patterns that are creating barriers between you, and develop a sense of accomplishment in your new found closeness.


It is possible to get that old feeling back and more!

Our experienced therapists can help you gain the skills you need to develop healthy, supportive relationships with your partner and kids. Our therapists have years of experience offering family counseling, so you can achieve balance, healthy relationships, and peace in the household. Through our work together, you may even begin to look forward to spending time with each other again and embracing the unique qualities that make your family special.

But will counseling help?

Here are some common questions people have about couples’ counseling:

There are so many issues, it feels overwhelming. I’m not sure if we can change that much. Can this really help?

At first, it might seem like there are a million issues. An experienced counselor can help you to identify the themes that tie these issues together. You might realize that there are really just a few, and once you build the skills that a counselor can teach you, you will notice many issues improving at once.

I’m afraid you’re going to tell us that it’s hopeless and we should end our relationship.

Our goal at AACA is your goal. If you want to make it work, it can work. We are here to support you and get you to where YOU want to be in the relationship. In our first or second session, we will talk about therapy goals and what you hope to get out of our time together. Until you decide to change that goal, we will be there for you, keeping you the path you want to be on.

My partner is not on board with counseling. What do I do?

You can come in on your own! Just because your partner is not ready for counseling does not mean that counseling can’t help you achieve a more satisfying relationship. We can help you, individually, identify the challenges and teach you skills to get your needs met. Partners will often notice a positive change and even join in down the road. Other times, you might realize that your work alone has significantly changed your relationship experience. Just remember, you can still achieve a healthy relationship even if your partner is not interested in counseling.

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