Are you struggling to find pleasure in your life?

Do you find yourself feeling low even when many things in your life seem to be going right? Do you lay awake at night with thoughts that never seem to end? Are you in a relationship but have a chronic feeling that you’re not good enough? Maybe you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells to prevent your partner from blowing up / leaving you / drinking?
You worked hard to get to where you are now and although things are going well on the outside, you can’t seem to figure out how to feel fulfilled on the inside. Your anxiety or low mood is getting in the way of enjoying new experiences and connecting with loved ones. Perhaps your emotions have become intense and hard to hide, and you are frequently crying or yelling in an effort to express your internal struggle.


Has a bad relationship or transition caused you to rethink your decisions? Are you feeling confused because your partner doesn’t seem to value you or all the love and support you put into the relationship? Not trusting your instincts is something you have struggled with all along, but deep down inside you know that something isn’t right. When you can’t pinpoint the cause or how to feel better, it often leads to feeling hopeless.


Wanting more is normal.

Many women go through a period when they start to look at their lives and wonder “Is this it?” Often, this self-evaluation comes at a time when things might not be so great, when you need to be asking these questions because your gut is telling you that your job, relationships, or life path is not on track. Reflection is a way to help ourselves move toward goals and get our needs met.


Counseling can help you feel better and find pleasure in life.

Talking with a counselor is all about getting you to a place of confidence, peace, and hope. Your counselor is there help you see things in a new light, help you recognize the strengths you have a hard time seeing, and work with you to identifying your needs so you can finally get them met in all aspects of your life. Your counselor will work collaboratively with you to design the life you hope for, help you build confidence in your vision, and strategize with you on how to achieve the fulfilling relationships you’re missing.

You might still have questions…


Is this something that I can even afford?

Counseling is an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime. The changes you make through counseling can help improve your mood, give you the tools you need to turn off negative thoughts, and create a strategy that can lead to a lifetime of success. Counseling does not even have to be a long-term commitment to get lasting results. Additionally, insurance will often cover sessions, leaving you with only a small copay. For those without insurance, please ask about our rates.

Will counseling really work?

Counseling is proven to be an extremely effective tool for many of life’s challenges and is one of the most effective treatments for depression and anxiety. Your commitment to counseling will be the key to your success. If you come with a desire to work on the issues you are experiencing, attend sessions regularly, and are willing to collaborate with your counselor, then you will get the support you need to reach your goals.

I’m afraid I will have to talk about things I’m not ready to discuss.

In counseling, you are the one in control. You decide what you want to talk about and always have the right to put on the brakes if the conversation is going toward a topic you don’t feel comfortable discussing. Your counselor will work hard to create a supportive and safe atmosphere to explore. Counseling can also provide exercises which can help gently push you into new insights and healing that may be difficult to do on your own or without a trained professional. Also, your counselor will be working with you to build a “tool bag” of strategies that will help you cope with difficult feelings so that you feel more confident in your ability to handle anything in the future.


Many women reach their goals at AACA.

AACA has counselors who are specifically trained in the issues that are unique to women. Women who have trusted AACA to support them have graduated feeling confident and hopeful for the future. They gain insight into their current situation and how their life situations affect their mood. Clients improve their communication skills so that they are better able to get their needs met and connect with loved ones. Also, clients of AACA can identify and establish healthy relationship guidelines for themselves, which leads to them developing more satisfying relationships with family, friends, and partners.