Could my Stomach Aches be Depression?

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When Depression Gives You Physical Symptoms Depression probably makes you think of symptoms such as feeling sad and anxious. While those are common symptoms, it’s important to remember that depression can cause physical symptoms, too. People sometimes spend a lot of time researching the causes of their symptoms, only to find no physical source and instead learn that their depression is making them experience physical symptoms. Some people with...

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Signs Your Child may be Depressed or Suicidal

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In the exciting upheaval of childhood, where change seems to be the only constant, it can be difficult for parents to recognize the division between normal childish behavior and the warning signs of emotional trouble. The following list can guide a parent’s concern. Such signs should signal a parent to be extra vigilant, to raise uncomfortable issues, and to listen closely to your child’s answer. Don’t be afraid to raise topics that seem...

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